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There are hundreds and thousands of restaurants that have never been reviewed, never been 'discovered' or written about or trendified or Zagatized or noticed by anyone other than their regular, mostly neighborhood, patrons. This Project proposes to change that sorry truth. Our firm belief is that every restaurant deserves a chance, regardless of class, ethnicity, output, or the accesibility and state of their bathrooms.

Nor does it matter how many or how few restaurants there may be on any one street: all Streets are free to be Eaten, whether they contain one restaurant or a couple of hundred.

Here's how it works:

There is no time limit set on this project: you can Eat once a month, every day, once a week - but you HAVE TO EAT IN ORDER and NO PLACE CAN BE LEFT OUT. That's really the main rule.

  1. Pick a street, any street, in any neighborhood, town, city, country.
  2. Sign up to Eat That Street. If that street is available, you will receive confirmation of your choice, and a password to your Personal Dining Log
  3. Pick a dining partner (or not; you can do this alone or with any combination of friends).
  4. Start by eating in the first restaurant on that street (or the last one, working inward): your choice of lunch, dinner, breakfast.
  5. Log on to your Personal Dining Log and fill in the form: where, when, what, how much, what you thought, etc. We'll post your comments on this site within the week.
  6. Continue in this fashion until all restaurants on Your Personal Street have been Eaten.


You don't have to eat in National Chains (you can if you want though), nor do you have to eat in places with fewer than 6 seats. It's up to you. Take-out shops are fine if they provide tables as well. Use your judgment on things like street vendors.

So are you ready? What are you waiting for?

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